Cell Mogrify is a private biotechnology company based in the UK with a subsidiary in Australia. Our founders are experts in epigenetics, bioinformatics and computational genomics and founded the company with the mission of revolutionising the way that cell reprogramming is utilised in regenerative medicine.

The company’s unique combination of skills has allowed us to dramatically improve the process of finding the precise combinations of factors that allow one differentiated cell to be transformed into another. We have patents submitted both on our approach and on the novel cell conversions that we have developed. We are working on a wide variety of additional conversions in conjunction with a number of partners in the biotechnology sector and in academia.

We are also taking forward some of our own cell therapies to develop clinically and have recently started a daughter company (Chondrogenix) that is developing a first-in-class cartilage regenerative medicine.

The Directors

Prof Julian Gough - CEO portrait.

Prof Julian Gough - CEO

Julian is a biotech entrepreneur and world expert in bioinformatics. He graduated his PhD in molecular biology from Cambridge University and was a research fellow at Stanford University. He is now a programme leader at the MRC laboratory of molecular biology in Cambridge and Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Bristol. He has successfully started a number of biotech companies and leads our strategic development.

Dr Jose Polo - CSO portrait.

Dr Jose Polo - CSO

Jose has worked at the cutting-edge of cell reprogramming for over a decade. He graduated his PhD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York before becoming a research fellow at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute . He was awarded a NHMRC career development fellowship and a Charles Viertel Senior Medical Research fellowship and is now an Assistant Professor at Monash University.  

Dr Owen Rackham - CTO portrait.

Dr Owen Rackham - CTO

Owen is world expert in the application of machine learning and complex systems in cell reprogramming. He was a career development fellow at the Medical Research Council, UK and was the recipient of a JSPS fellowship to work at the RIKEN Omics Science Centre in Yokohama. He is now an Assistant Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.

Joe Caddell portrait.

Joe Caddell

Joe is a seed investor in the company and brings significant business experience to the team having held senior level positions in companies as diverse as financial services, the travel industry and procurement and distribution. He has managed organisations through periods of significant growth and acquisition.

Prof Parvaiz Ali portrait.

Prof Parvaiz Ali

Parvaiz is a seed investor in the company and has business interests in a number of other companies including a chain of community pharmacies which he has established across Wales. He has considerable experience in the UK National Health Service and is the Head of Nuclear Medicine at ABMU Health Board, holding a professorship at Swansea University.